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I often find myself wanting to get the files of some open source repository quickly and easily. I don't want to have to open my browser to get the files, and I don't want to have to setup some overkill solution.

So, I created this intuitive and simple plugin that uses the GitHub REST V3 APIs to clone the Repo in for me.

This plugin is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. Unlike a lot of my plugins, this isn't a power user tool- it's just a lazy person tool. This was a personal plugin for my own lazy self until I realized others might benefit from it as well.

You just put the repo name and owner's name (and optionally a branch name), and it creates the repo structure in `workspace`.


For files that are not `.lua`, it formats the source into a comment as not to fill your Script Analysis window with annoying syntax errors and warnings.


You should give the plugin an app auth token, generated here.


The reasons it asks for an auth token is so that you can use it to clone your private repos, and so that you aren't rate limited.

GitHub rate limits tokenless requests to 60 per hour (which will get hit instantly if you try to clone a repo with a fair amount of files.) If you give your token, the rate limit goes up to 5000 per hour, so you'll likely never even get close to hitting it.

There are some QoL settings as well:


"Only clone .lua files" means it'll only clone the folders and the .lua files, avoiding a lot of unwanted file transfer

"Trim .filetype" removes the .lua or .txt from script names

"Process init.lua" turns init.lua files into parent scripts

"Process .server & .client" turns those files into Scripts and LocalScripts for you

"Parent to selection" places the repo files inside your currently selected object (disabled will place in workspace)

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