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What is this plugin?

This plugin helps you easily benchmark & visualize your function's speed and compare its performance to other functions.

The plugin is a great all-in-one package- it does everything you need. Profiling, histograms, bar graphs, and detailed stats. It covers everything that the alternatives do, combined into a single plugin.

Used by top developers and Roblox engineers, this power user tool is the best of its kind on Roblox.

Why use this over alternatives?

Before I get into the advantages of this plugin, I will say that it's often best to use multiple tools to double check accuracy. Those other tools are great too, shoutout to those creators!

That said, this plugin does offer a variety of advantages. The most obvious one is the histogram. Being able to visualize the distribution is incredibly informative, and those others simply do not give you that information, visually or numerically.

Another key advantage is that this plugin uses the fiftieth percentile for its calculations and results, whereas others (as of writing this) only use the average value. Average values are a generally unhelpful metric, because one or two statistical outliers will completely skew the average value and it will no longer be representative of the function's real behavior. This plugin provides you with percentiles, mins, maxes, averages, and totals so that you get a wide range of metrics for the most comprehensive results possible.

As you can clearly see in the image below, thanks to an outlier or two the average value is **384 times more** than the function's real behavior! (50th: 10.7 microseconds, Avg: 4116.9 microseconds)


Another advantage is that this plugin allows you to run your functions in an isolated environment with controlled input parameters- it doesn't require you to run your whole game just to test one function and you can control exactly what the function is operating on.

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